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Like his father he lived during a troubled period in Scotland:

- Covenanter risings (1679-85);

- Massacre of Glencoe (1692);

- famines of the1690’s;

- Darien Expedition (1698-1700);

- Union of Parliaments (1707);

- Jacobite risings (1708 & 1715).

Thomas Whyt (1667 – 1727)


Much of his life may have been focused, together with his father, around the Forfar Shoemakers Guild, the leather business the and the Town Council where he continued the family prominent roles.  He married in 1695 at 28.  


Following his father, he played a pivotal and strong leadership role in the Shoemakers Guild from his early thirties – as Treasurer (1698-99) and then Deacon for 25 years (1703-1727).  These were the days when the “sutors of Forfar” were famous and shoemakers were (relatively) well-off in the local Forfar community.  He probably played a leading role (like his father) in the Town Council (given his 25 years as Deacon and so ex-officio Council member.  But all the Burgh records of this period were destroyed in 1745 and we will never know

His wife:

Elspet Sand (b1672) christened in Forfar, she married Thomas in Forfar

in 1695.  Her mother was from a leading Forfar Burgess family (Thorintonne

  - see Council Minutes 1600’s).


Their Children:

John (b c1700) and Thomas (b c1708).  There may have been twin girls

(Euphanie and Isobel) born in 1696.


His siblings:

His three brothers were all master members of the Forfar Shoemakers Guild.

- David (1670-c1708) married Elizabeth Johnsone (c1686-1713) from Dysart

in 1707, when he was 37 and she 21.  He may have died only 3 years later

and she only 6 years later – no reason found. She left a testament (St Andrews

Commissary Court), which was unusual for a woman in that period, where she mentions her husband and father-in-law. There is no evidence that they had any surviving children – although its possible a son was born in 1708 and died young.

- Alexander (1673->1725) acted for and inherited from his brother David in 1708 according to the records.  He married Margaret xxxxx in Dundee in 1715.  In 1725 he and his wife disposed of the land and property (including 1½ acres at Tallis - purchased by his father Thomas) to the Incorporation of Cordiners for2000 merks.  From this and other comments, I surmise that he had serious money

problems.  Nothing else has been found about him, any children, or his wife.

- Patrick (1676->1724).  He was the Shoemaker’s Boxmaster (1717-19) and put his name forward as Deacon (1724) but was not elected.  He may have had a daughter Agnes born in 1700. 

Sand Family - Mostly from Monifeith, Brechin and Monikie in Angus

- John Sand & Margaret Eatten

- Janot Sand (b1643, Brechin);

- Elspet Sand (b1645, Brechin)

- David Sand (b 1649, Brechin) married in Forfar, 1661 Agnes Thorintonne (b c1641, Forfar) (a Forfar Burgess family); 6 children

                  - William Sand (b1662, Brechin);  

Agnes (b1665, Brechin);  

Margarit (b1666, Forfar);  

Helen (b1669, Forfar);  

Elspet Sand (b1672, Forfar);                 

Janet (b1675, Forfar).

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