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c1949 Granny Osler & her grandchildren – John, David, Jane & Arlene


More recent family information is not provided here, for privacy reasons.

David Brand Grubb Osler (1904-75)

He made his career with BOAC (British Airways) in their worldwide supply and cargo business.  As a result he lived outside the UK (e.g. Singapore) for a long period and traveled the world.  He never married, although he apparently had one or two “steady” lady friends in his younger days, and died alone in Brighton. I have a silver oriental cigarette case that was in his posession when he died and cleary came from a close female friend.  He and Attie were always close as children and kept in touch, even though they did not see each other very often.  (Note: the connection to the Brand name was another domestic servant - Jessie Brand - who worked with Lizzie Grubb/Osler at the Brown family up to 1901.)

Edith Mary Osler (1906-55)

She married Alfred Whyte (older brother of John S. Whyte who married Agnes Osler).  They did not have any children.  She died at 49 of ovarian cancer. He later remarried (see Whyte Family History).

Stewart Osler (1907-07)

A premature birth, with serious disabilities.

Francis (Bunty) Isabel Osler (1913-86)

She married Gordon Wighton in 1937 - a charming man from a ‘good’ family. He was in the jute/ sack trade. They met in

London, lived in Finavon (near Forfar) and latterly in Edinburgh. She died a few years after him. They had two daughters.

- Arlene Wighton/Wearn (b1936 London, died 2010). She married and emigrated to Australia.  She divorced,

later remarried (Frank Wearn) and divorced again. She was a gentle soul who adored all animals and nature.  

Arlene was ultimately a retired geriatric nurse and lived in Crookwell 40 miles from Gouldburn, New South Wales.

            - Elissa (adopted daughter of Arlene & Frank Wearn) married Troy Wray - one daughter Maddy.

- Jane Wighton/Gair (b1938 London) married Alan Gair in Edinburgh and emigrated to Ontario, Canada.

She had 2 children and remained there after her divorce, where she worked for the local Red Cross.  Whave

been unable to make contact with her or her children in Canada.

                      - Iain Gair (b1966) & Julie Gair (b1968?)     

Ralph Gibson Osler (1915-85)

He went into the merchant navy and ultimately became the Chief Engineer of a major cargo shipping line.  He spent WWII in the merchant navy and married Christina (Ena) Russel Taylor (1922-2009) in 1946 - they had three children.  He transferred to an Australian subsidiary company, and he and his two daughters emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1967 where he retired. 

His son remained in Scotland.

- David Osler (b1947)  Became an electrical & planning engineer.  Married, lives in Scotland and has several children and grandchildren.

- Lynne Osler/Duffield (b1950) married and lives near Sydney.  They have several children and grandchildren.         

         - Jane Osler (b1952) single, living near Sydney. 


c1935 Francis & Edith in London

Arlene’s funeral - Australia, August 2010.

left Alex, Jamie, Brendan, Jane & Max (Ryan's son),   Standing: Ryan, Lynne, Elissa, Troy & Maddy and Frank  Wearn.

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