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Whyte History by Generation

Each section here deals with a Whyte family member from my family ‘Line of Descent’.    The section covers him, his wife, his wife’s family and his siblings (brothers and sisters).  His children are covered in detail in the next ‘generation’ section. 
Because of missing information and important gaps there is some conjecture and guesswork in the older family histories set out here.  So there could be significant errors in the links made for some of the earlier family relationships.
Agnatic Line of Descent
Earliest Evidence

              1   William Quhyt or Whyt (c1600 – 1657)

The Forfar Shoemakers Guild

              2   David Whyt (1640 - c1713)

              3  Thomas Whyt (1667 - 1727) 

              4  Thomas Whyt (1708 - >1760) 

The Tan Works (John Whyte & Sons)

              5  Patrick Whyte (1758 - 1847)

              6  William Whyte (1793 - 1849)  

              7  John Adam Whyte (1830 - 1906)

              8  Robert Thomas Whyte (1863 - 1948)

Modern Family

              9  John Sydney Whyte (1899 - 1970)

            10  John Robert Whyte (1942 - )

            11  Douglas John Sydney Whyte (1973 - )

            12  William Whyte (2019 - )


Agnatic or patrilineal family relationships are based solely on the male line of descent, from generation to generation.

It has been used in this family history to facilitate the genealogy research particularly between older generations.

  • This helps trace the Whyte name and property ownership over the centuries.  

  • Also, the details (birth, marriage, death) of many female family members were not well recorded in older generations.

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